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tài jí Development


yì jīng

Chinese-English Dictionary

Trad. Simp. Pinyin English

tài highest; greatest; too (much); very; extremely
extremely; pole (geography, physics); utmost; top
liǎng both; two; ounce; some; a few; tael
apparatus; rites; appearance; present; ceremony
yáng positive (electric.); sun
yīn (of weather) overcast; Yin; feminine; moon; cloudy; negative (electric.); shady

sān three; 3

cái ability; talent; endowment; gift; an expert; only (then); only if; just

and; together with; with; peace; harmony; union

four; 4

xiàng (look) like; similar (to); appearance; to appear; to seem; image; portrait; resemble; seem

shào young

lǎo (a prefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family or to indicate affection or familiarity); old (of people); venerable (person)

five; 5

xíng all right; capable; competent; OK; okay; to go; to do; to travel; temporary; to walk; to go; will do

huǒ fire

tree; wood

earth; dust

jīn metal; money; gold

shuǐ water; river

eight; 8

guà divinatory trigram

qián (surname); male; strong; one of the Eight Trigrams
duì to cash
to leave; to depart; to go away; from

zhèn shake; shock; sign in trigram

xùn a sign in the trigram; obey

kǎn pit; threshold

gèn one of the eight diagrams; (a surname)

kūn the earth-; female-principle

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