Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

Wer wärst Du ohne Deine Geschichte?

The Work ist ein einfacher, kraftvoller Prozess der Überprüfung. Er lehrt dich, Gedanken zu identifizieren und zu hinterfragen, die alles Leiden in dieser Welt verursachen. Es ist ein Weg zu verstehen was dich verletzt, um deinen Problemen mit Klarheit zu begegnen.



A powerful example: With the help of Byron Katie, a woman learns about the origins of hatred and prejudice, and continues at the School for The Work with Byron Katie.

Another powerful example: A young man who grew up as a Palestinian in Lebanon questions the thoughts that have crippled him with guilt and shame. With Byron Katie's help, he discovers that (all) his suffering is self-inflicted. His whole identity begins to crumble, as, with gasps and laughter, he begins to find the only true asylum: the asylum he can give himself. "To be at home in yourself," Katie says, "is to be at home in your country. We all have the power to be happy human beings under any circumstances."

Finding Asylum - The Work of and with Byron Katie

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