Dienstag, 24. April 2012

Financial IQ

Notes of a Seminar with the title "Financial IQ":

Event + response = outcome

Question: What would you do with the jackpot of your life?

Question: What are the values in your life?

Question: What are the biggest needs?

Question: Which messages do you connect with money?

“money is not important”
“you have to work hard”
“money can’t make you happy”
“money is the root of all evil”
“money stinks”
“money can give you freedom”

Question: Are you a spender or safer?

Question: How long do you stay in a job you don’t like?
A thermostat is defining the level of temperature. You can open and close windows or reset the temperature.

Four worlds
1.       Mental
2.       Emotional
3.       Physical
4.       Spiritial

Brainware = Mental + Spiritual

Thoughts > feelings > actions = result, reality

Purpose of the brain: survival, not living…

Different mentality of poor or rich people.

Rich: I create my life
Poor: life happens to me (victim)

Victim: blaming, excuses (e.g. money not important), complaining
Task: One day without complaining.

Rich: Play to win
Poor: Play not to loose
Middleclass: Play to be comfortable > you can’t fulfill your potential

Rich: sees potential win, opportunities, rewards
Poor: sees potential loss, obstacles

Use window of opportunity!

Rich: hangout with positive, successful people (role model)
Poor: hangout with negative, struggling people

Create roadmap for own success
Read biographies of successful people (e.g. Mary Kay)
Join a high-end club
Sit in the lobby of an expensive hotel

Rich: promote their value
Poor: hate selling & promotion, have doubts

Moral obligation…

Rate your product or service between 1 and 10
If 6< x < 10 improve it
If x < 6 drop it
If x=10 learn how to sell it

Rich: how can I afford it?
Poor: I can’t afford it.

Rich: you need creativity to make money
Poor: I need money to make money

Exchange game: red paper clip http://oneredpaperclip.blogspot.de/
Including contact with Alice Cooper.

First you have to be free from all non supportive programs before becoming financial independent. 
Reconditioning the brain ware
Master relationship to money

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